Whirligig Roller Reamers

Whirligig Roller Reamers offer a low torque solution to borehole gauge maintenance. By lowering torque and drag, stick slip and BHA vibration, drilling efficiencies can be greatly improved, resulting in significantly lower cost per foot drilling. Improved weight transfer and lower vibration and extended life of the bit and motor. There is less wear on the tool less damage to the hole wall formation and lower torque as compared to traditional fixed blade reamers and stabilizers with a rotating element cutting action.
By conditioning the wellbore mechanically, removing tight spots, formations ledges, micro doglegs and spiraling, a smoother wellbore wall profile will aid in the drilling, logging, coring and casing processes of well construction. By allowing longer runs in complex ERD well, lowering the incidents of stuck pipe, significantly reducing trip times, improved bit and coring performance, easier wire line logging, and faster running of casing or liner strings.

1. Secure Cutter RetentionTwo methods of retention are required for reliably holding the rolling cutters in place.
a. Static retention of the cutters into the tool body with an innovative dual wedge block system, locking the cutters securely into the body in both the axial and radial directions.
b. Dynamic retention of the rolling cutters onto the bearing shaft with oversize anti-friction ball bearing system, which is fully internal to the bearing package. No load bearing elements outside of the seal system generating heat and shortening the life of the seal.
 2. Pressure Compensated - Pressure Relieved Lubrication SystemIt feature an integral pressure compensation system, a large volume grease reservoir and an internal pressure relief valve. With strategically placed lubrication passageways, this system ensures adequate bearing lubrication over an extended run time, even in highest downhole pressure environments, without seal damage or leakage from differential pressures.
 3. Advanced Technology Seal and Bearing Package
Large diameter O-ring seals, labyrinth seal protector, floating silver plated high strength alloy bushings and specially formulated synthetic grease. Optional mechanical face seal where high rpm and high bottom hole temperatures.

 1. Reduces BHA torque and stick slip compared to conventional stabilizers
 2. Efficiently eliminates ledges, hole tortuosity and micro doglegs
 3. Compacts mud filter cake versus scraping
 4. Back reams more efficiently than stabilizers or drill bits
 5. Replaces conventional fixed blade stabilizers and reamers

Hole size Body OD (in) Body ID (in) Fishing Nick Length  (in) Fishing Neck Diameter (in) Overall Length(in) Dressed Body Weight  (Ibs)
5 7/8-6 1/2 4 3/4 1 1/4-1 3/4 40 4 3/4 80 225-250
7 7/8-8 3/4 6 1/2 2 1/4 45 6 1/2 95 450-575
9 7/8 6 1/2-8 2 13/16 50 6 1/2-8 110 775
11 8 2 13/16 55 8 125 1000
12 1/8-12 1/4 8 or 9 1/2 1 23/16 60 8-9 1/2 130 1250
14 3/4 to 26 9 1/2 2 13/16 70 9 1/2 150 1800-4000