Integrity Underreamer

Integrity Underreamer is a simple and reliable solution to the drilling inefficiencies and out-of-gauge wellbores that can increase hole enlargement costs exponentially. Whether enlarging an existing wellbore or reaming-while-drilling new hole, the tools delivers the utmost in durability regardless of the formation or operating parameters. This versatile tool comprises a single-piece body engineered to ensure a robust low-mass design. This concentric symmetric mass-balanced design provides optimum hole opening ratios up to 25%, with increased flows around the tool for enhanced hole cleaning and reduced downhole vibration.

- Suitable for all formations.
- Straightforward body design.
- Application-specific Trident PDC cutter blocks.
- Superior mechanical force advantage.
- Adjustable jet nozzles with integrated flow paths.
- Hydraulic activation through ball drop or controlled pressure drop.
- Concentric symmetric mass-balanced design.
- Track feed design for securing and deploying cutters.
- Bi-directional capability.
- Cutter deployment independent of BHA weight, formation strength and operating   parameters.

Operating recommendation US Units SI Units
Minimal pilot hole size   8.25Inch 8.375 Inch
Minimal collapsed diameter 209.6 mm 212.7mm
Maximum recommended operating Row 760 gpm 2880 Ipm
Maximum drilling torque 18.4 kft-Ib 38.2-42.0 kft-Ib
Make-up torque tool subs 25kNm 51.7-56.9 kNm
Minimum operating pressure 4.2 Mpa 20Mpa
Maximum operating pressure 610 psi 2900 psi
Maximum operating temperature 356 F 180C
Maximum hydrostatic pressure No limitation