Sharp Razor  Wellbore Clean Up tools

Company Technology
Company Technology
eneral Quality Control Process:

1.Quality control of the raw material
* we would do the comprehensive assessment of the supplier strictly according to technical requirements .Most of our suppliers are the leading enterprises of the steel production in China.

* Ultrasonic flaw detection for each piece of the steel.
* Chemical composition analysis, for every piece of the steel.
* Mechanical performance test for every piece of the steel.

2.Quality control of the seals
* O Rings: 100% visual and dimensional inspection for every piece of the O-rings ,15% spot check for the size
  and hardness test of the o rings.

*  Back-up ring: 100% visual and dimensional inspection for every piece of the back-up ring, As for the test of the sealing and heat resistance, we design and manufacture the special test device, equipped with heating insulation equipment to stimulate the downhole temperature and pressure for acceptance

3. Quality control of the spare parts processing:
In strict accordance with the process and traceability requirements, a test, mark and record of dimension, geometric tolerance and for every piece and every procedure will be conduct

4. Quality control of the tool assembly and testing process

 Test equipment: in addition to the conventional hydraulic test pump, tensile testing machine, we also have a pressure sensor and data acquisition system which can accurate and clear record each step of the test.
2) Technical documents: We have a test acceptance list for every tool test that clearly guides the each step of the test.
3) Assembly test: A special inspector will supervise the whole assembly process.

Please note that we have our own inspector for the quality control and it is for free. However, we can offer you third party inspection from BV or SGS as well, the cost will be act as appropriate.
The detailed Scope of Service
Raw materials inspection:
1, Verify the mechanical test report
2, Verify the chemical composition of the raw materials
3, Review NDT report
4, Review the MTCs of the raw materials
Production inspection :
1, Dimension check for the products
2, Witness the hydro test
3, Witness Hardness test
4, Witness the NDT test (UT & MT)
4, Review the heat treatment records
5, Visual inspection and mark check
6, Review the related documents