Sharp Razor  Wellbore Clean Up tools

Company Honor
Company Honor
In order to meet different requirements of downhole operation, in recent years, we SHARP RAZOR  joint with other professional factories, such as CCTEG Equipment, who have accumulated skilled engineers, advanced equipment and abundant experiences in design and development the well completion tools and perforating gun systems, to manufacture and supply the oil well downhole tools. With the strong support from CCTEG Equipment, we are now able to offer one-stop purchasing service of downhole operation tools in well testing, well perforation, well completion in high quality.
Now we make efforts to form a multiple-series in products and technique of oil well downhole operation including DST operation, Drilling Tools TCP operation, Oil Well completion and well perforating service.
* SHARP RAZOR insists on superior quality, strong packing & timely delivery.
*Third party inspection is available from SGS, BV, DNV etc. 
* SHARP RAZOR does the best to supply thoughtful and prompt after-sales service to guarantee for the customers' benefits.
* SHARP RAZOR supplies the cost-effective products with 12 months guarantee.
* SHARP RAZOR insists on the traceability of each Drill stem testing tools, perforating tools and well completion tools from the raw material to the finished products to meet on requirements of onshore and offshore standards.

Our aim is to provide superior products with high quality and good service . We strictly follow the API standard and ISO quality management system, and ensure our products meet or even surpass industry standards.  SHARP RAZOR always keep its Reliable, Qualified, Innovative, Considerate.
We have maintained ISO 9001 certification since 2010, a highly reputable manufacturer and supplier in oil&gas field. With over 10 years development, we can already design and produce your diverse needs for oil tools, from general downhole, fishing, OCTG to wellbore cleaning tools with advanced technical.
The process of product quality:
Review of the design and development phases and at all levels, including nature, time of duration, and complexity.
Verification and validation at each design and development stage.
Consider the resources, responsibilities, and authority of the design and development process.
Identify the actual needs of customers and users, as well as the requirements to continuously provide products and services at the expected level of control.
Provide engineering drawings.
Production simulation of the prototype.
Rigorous testing in our laboratories; When verifying that the product does the work required by the customer (validation test).
Provide actual working samples or prototypes to clients.
Provide a long struggle to validate the prototype.
There have complete quality data turnaround package and all necessary documents and records for all products.