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About Us
About Us

ABOUT Sharp Razor Co,LTD                    
Sharp Razor Co,LTD is young team who is dedicated to provide global customer base with quick turnaround solutions extends across the entire wellbore cheanup. Sharp Razor group can provide bespoke, fit for purpose solutions, and and rapidly convert concept to completion.



Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of who we are. we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer performance.


Working with an experienced and dynamic team like us, You'll never be disappointed. Pls contact us to achieve your plan.




Core of The Innovative Design

Focus of our design is good performance. Customer first, so we will take the formation, area, and well depth in consideration. In designing, designers consult with users to get more information to learn users needs. In the meantime, we will carefully compare our designs to provide users a more suitable design.


Inspection Standards

Whether a design is successful or not depends on the performance is well or not. Usually, users evaluate a product according to the performance in application. The main evaluation standards as below:

(1)Decrease the production cost or the drilling cost.

(2)Performance better.

(3)Meet customer’s drilling requests.

Key Points of Design

Innovation and design are based on customers’ demands. Designers concern on formation, drilling rate, well depth, cost reduction of drilling, drilling speed increasing to optimize designs.

main product:

VACTS (Vectored Annular Cleaning Tool Sets)

Drilling Tools & Equipment Mill