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Core of The Innovative Design
Focus of our design is good performance. Customer first, so we will take the formation, area, and well depth in consideration. In designing, designers consult with users to get more information to learn users needs. In the meantime, we will carefully compare our designs to provide users a more suitable design.

Inspection Standards
Whether a design is successful or not depends on the performance is well or not. Usually, users evaluate a product according to the performance in application. The main evaluation standards as below:
(1)Decrease the production cost or the drilling cost.
(2)Performance better.
(3)Meet customer’s drilling requests.

Key Points of Design
Innovation and design are based on customers’ demands. Designers concern on formation, drilling rate, well depth, cost reduction of drilling, drilling speed increasing to optimize designs.




What Sharp Razor

Sharp Razor is a highly reputable manufacturer and supplier for oilfield equipment, also a outstanding service company for complete solutions to Oil & Gas industries. With over 20 years developing, we have developed from the beginning drilling Service Company to factory that can produce Drilling Tools etc. At the same time, Sharp Razor still keeps the first-rate drilling service and comprehensive solution in oilfield. And Sharp Razor is also one internationally reputable supplier who can source Combination Tools and Drilling Equipment.

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What  Sharp Razor
QHSE Management System

QHSE Management System

Elements of QHSE Management System
1. Leadership commitment, policy objectives and responsibilities
2. Organization, responsibilities, resources and document control
3. Risk assessment and potential hazard control
4. Contractor and supplier management
5. Equipment(Facilities) design and construction
6. Operation and maintenance
7. Change management and emergency management
8. Inspection and supervision
9. Accident treatment and prevention
10. Audit, review and continuous improvement

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Our desire is becoming one of the most excellent international oilfield manufacturers and suppliers. Our success depends on your success. Let us join together to expect a bright future.
It is the policy of the Company to continuously develop and promote our reputation of reliability and effectiveness. In the provision of these services, we strive to provide the best value to our clients. The observance
of this principle and the efficient production of quality work is of paramount importance to the company

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The Great-Blend--assorted cleanup tool-consists of an integral magnet, scrapers and brushes to address inner casing wall-related issues such as ferrous debris, sheath and other fluid. This tool can be combined in any order.

  Alternative-Blade Syntagmatic Reamer

The  Alternative-Blade Syntagmatic Reamer, an innovative combo tool, which combines the best of two tools (Stabilizer and Reamer) in one.

PDC Reamer

Drilling highly reactive, unconsolidated, inter-bedded and similarly troublesome zones, especially with tortuous extended reach well paths, all-too-often induces non-productive time (NPT) to deal with stuck pipe and other wellbore instability issues. Proj


Wellbore cleaning

November 11.17

A clean well is essential prior to running expensive and sensitive completion strings or other debris sensitive equipment. Therefore removal, collection of debris and verification of debris removal are extremely important in a wellbore. These operations c

wellbore clean-up tools

April 04.28

wellbore clean-up: Casing Scraper Series: Sharp-Razor(SR) Non-rotating Casing Scraper; SUPER Unique Sharp-Razor Scraper; HD Sharp-Razor Casing Scraper... Casing Brush: KrinBack Casing Brush; SR Casing Brush... Mill: Junk mill; Five-Blades Mill; Water

Inventory list for CASING SCRAPER

March 03.11

Item 1: Name: 7" SUPER non-rotating scrapers (23-29.5 lbs) casing-Short neck Quantity: 4 Ea Unit Price: $13,810.00 Delivery time:

Junk mill

March 03.04

Introduction The Junk mill is a tool for milling downhole falling objects with the granular cemented carbide overlaid on the bottom. Used for milling drill bits, rollers, calipers, slip teeth, punches, drill tool joints, deep well pump parts, packers,